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Sessions at PLAY: Engaging Audiences with Your Mobile Apps

Out of all of the apps downloaded on your smartphone or tablet, have you ever paused to consider how many you use regularly (perhaps you’re forced into periodic evaluations when the “low disk space” notifications appear)? Better yet, which apps actually work for your attention? Sure, you don’t want to neglect the starving wild animals in your virtual zoo or see your diner overrun by zombies dissatisfied with your service. But what about brand or content apps, the ones that you chose to download thanks to a sense of affinity or interest in a particular organization?

An informal survey conducted for an opinion article in Mobile Marketer revealed that most brand apps don’t do much once they’ve been downloaded. Digby’s Doug Wick, who wrote the article, downloaded iPhone apps from 54 of the top 100 retailers (ranked by revenue), and was surprised to find that most of them “don’t say a thing” to him. While certainly not scientific, Doug’s exercise was telling in that many organizations allocate tremendous money and resources to build great apps, but do very little to keep users engaged once those apps are deployed and downloaded. These are users who have actively said, “I’m interested in your company,” by downloading the app.

The Brightcove PLAY 2012 session, “Engaging Audiences with Your Mobile Apps,” will address how organizations can make sure their app users keep coming back for more and their apps don’t fall victim to the “low disk storage” purge. Brightcove’s VP of technology, Ashley Streb, will host a discussion with Nathan Veer of Joyce Meyer Ministries and Bill Quinn from Lightmaker as they focus on the tools, tricks, and analytics available to organizations to maintain a fun and fresh app that users will keep top of mind. From highly targeted push messages that drive engagement and conversions to granular analytics that can help tweak existing initiatives and shape future ones, this is a can’t-miss session for anyone looking to optimize the performance of their mobile app.

“Engaging Audiences with Your Mobile Apps” is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26th, from 3:30 - 4:30 PM.

Taking place June 25-27 at the InterContinental Boston Hotel, PLAY 2012 is drawing Brightcove customers, partners, and digital media experts from around the world for three action-packed days of hands-on learning, in-depth strategy sessions, next-generation product demos, all-star keynotes, and networking.

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