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Extending Markup.js with custom pipes

App Cloud ships with Markup.js, a handy-dandy JavaScript templating system that helps you separate presentation logic from business logic. Markup.js has a unique way to "pipe" variables through functions. For example, here's how to convert a string to upper case:

<p>Welcome, {{name.first|upcase}}!</p>

The above template would print <p>Welcome, ADAM!</p> when injected with some context data.

It's easy to write your own custom pipes. Here's a custom pipe that takes a string value and reverses it:

Mark.pipes.twist = function (str) {
    return str.split("").reverse().join("");

And here's a pipe that appends a specific number of exclamation points to a string:

Mark.pipes.shout = function (str, n) {
    return str + new Array((parseInt(n) || 1) + 1).join("!");

A template using the above pipe might look like this:

<p>Welcome, {{name.first|shout>5}}</p>

The above template would print <p>Welcome, Adam!!!!!</p>. Note the value of n gracefully defaults to 1 if it's not provided. Also note that n is converted to an integer since all arguments after the first one are interpreted as strings.

Check out the extras directory in the Markup.js repository for more examples!

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