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Brightcove CMS Integration Webinar Series Kicks off This Week

Last week, we announced a series of content management system (CMS) integrations that enable millions of website publishers to capitalize upon the rapid growth of online video. The Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform now offers pre-built integrations for Adobe CQ5, Agility, Atex Polopoly, Drupal, Ektron, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, PaperThin CommonSpot, Sitecore, and WordPress. 

CMS' give website publishers greater control over their content mix with more personalized experiences and a wider range of content to drive engagement, conversions and loyalty. By integrating video with a CMS, organizations can take advantage of the full range of content creation, management and optimization tools to make video a more effective part of the online content experiences they deliver. 

To help our customers learn more about the power of these integrations, we are kicking off a special webinar series tomorrow with several of our CMS partners:

If you are currently using one of these content management systems, make sure you sign up for the corresponding webinar to learn more about how you better integrate video with your website CMS.