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Perspectives from PLAY: Intelligently Managing Your Ad Delivery

At its most basic level, the online advertising landscape is still remarkably challenging to navigate, and the addition of video adds even more layers of complexity. Looking at the entire situation through the lens of a developer can be daunting to say the least.

Addressing the challenges and complexities faced by developers working in online video advertising was the focus of the Brightcove PLAY 2011 session, “Intelligently Managing Your Ad Delivery.” Brightcove’s Erica Crossen and Tremor Media’s Jason Burke leveraged firsthand experiences to highlight some of the common issues they hear from publishers, including:

  • Contextual relevance: Publishers don’t want ads that are “jarring” because they are not relevant to what the viewer is watching.
  • User experience: Unlike linear broadcast programming, online viewers often have more than one option to visit for the same content. This means not overloading viewers with ads, which can drive them to other sources for their video.
  • Ad blocks: Ensuring competitive ads are not served against one another.
  • Multi-screen delivery and monetization: Delivering ads to multiple screens and making ad inventory available across every screen.

In the video above, Erica and Jason explain those pain points in greater detail and outline how Brightcove and Tremor Media are working closely to help developers overcome the challenges. To ensure contextual relevance, for example, publishers can set ad-hoc targeting parameters within Brightcove Video Cloud that are passed to the ad server using an API so only relevant ads are served in the content.

The session also features discussion on best practices for advertising tags and outlines IAB standards such as VAST and VPAID, and how those are helping online video advertising to proliferate.

Some interesting data is presented at the end of the presentation that not only sheds light on general trends, but also demonstrates just how powerful the information that publishers have available to them can be, such as:

  • Music videos get higher pre-roll completion rates.
  • Viewers watching family videos were most likely to engage with a certain shopping advertiser.
  • Fridays drive the best performance for fast food ads.
  • Sports content is viewed mostly on weekends, but there is more ad revenue earned on Mondays.

These types of insights are just one example of the broad range of valuable information that is shared among the hundreds of digital media and marketing professionals during the PLAY conference. Brightcove PLAY 2012, taking place June 25-27 at the InterContinental Boston Hotel, is drawing Brightcove customers, partners, and digital media experts from around the world for three action-packed days of hands-on learning, in-depth strategy sessions, next-generation product demos, all-star keynotes, and networking.

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