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Curry, Universal Sports, and the Future of TV

Proust had his madeleine. For a bunch of Brightcove people working across from the Tandoori Grill in the South Hall at The NAB Show, the smell of curry will likely trigger thoughts of smart TV, paywalls and DRM for years to come. Sorry about that guys.

But what a show. It was fun to spend quality time with customers and partners from the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico and as far away as New Zealand. Last week we were honored that TechCrunch published our thoughts on the Third Wave of TV Transformation. That set the stage for several announcements this week - new Brightcove Video Cloud offerings that will hopefully reduce the time, cost and friction involved with launching premium, multi-screen video experiences.

  • Paywall Solution Framework to launch turnkey subscription and pay-per-view products. Lots of innovative capabilties from our partners TinyPass and PayWizard.
  • End-to-end WideVine digital rights management (DRM) services to secure premium content from ingestion through playback.
  • Free Smart TV sample applications that make it easier to get apps on some of the most popular connected platforms such as Roku, Panasonic, and LG.

The Universal Sports announcement yesterday kind of brings it all together. It's a great flagship example of what sorts of experiences publishers can launch by taking advantage of these capabilities. The Universal Sports experience includes:

  • On-demand video
  • Live video
  • TV Everywhere authentication
  • Paid subscription packages
  • Multiple device support

We see many customers doing some of these things, but it's particularly neat to see it all under one roof, or one URL. We are looking forward to seeing more of these sorts of offerings this year.