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Brightcove Media Solutions Offer Greater Reach without the Headaches

By 2016 the world will have more Internet-connected devices (10.3 billion) than people (7.3 billion) according to a recent report from Cisco. It’s predicted that video will comprise 71% of all mobile data traffic by that point.

Cisco’s forecasts present a potentially fascinating situation for online video publishers. On one hand, imagine if every person in the world - theoretically - could watch your content on 1.4 devices. Think of the CPMs that kind of traffic could command! On the other hand, try to fathom the complexity involved in delivering video that looks great across billions of screens worldwide.

Sure, the above scenario is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. The bottom line, even if Cisco’s numbers were to be taken as being on the liberal side, is that the number of connected devices in the world is growing at a breakneck rate, and those devices are going to be used for watching an awful lot of video. This does indeed pose both tremendous opportunities and challenges for content owners.

With so many devices and platforms to address, publishers are being forced not only to navigate the massive complexities of optimizing content for every screen, but also figure out how to monetize and measure the performance of their content, not to mention keep it secure. This can all add up to big challenges and significant costs. Brightcove is laser-focused on removing that complexity and cost with an online video platform that publishers can use to economically maximize their reach and business potential while scaling alongside the success and requirements of their initiatives.


Brightcove’s goal is to help publishers take advantage of the opportunities afforded through reaching so many devices by solving the challenges associated with delivering high-quality video across all of those devices. To better explain how Brightcove and our Video Cloud online video platform can help, we’ve launched a new Media Solutions page on

Brightcove’s media solutions make up all of the tools, technology, and services that content owners need to manage, deliver, and monetize high-quality video for the rapidly growing world of connected devices. Encompassing everything from smartphones and tablets to PCs and connected TVs, Brightcove Media Solutions consist of:

  • Devices and destinations: A single upload delivers optimized video to any device, anywhere.
  • Monetization: Support for ad insertion, overlays, paid subscriptions, and rental services.
  • Content protection & DRM: Studio-grade digital rights management and security solutions.
  • Analytics: Deep insights into a broad range of content analytics, viewer behavior, and technical performance.
  • Scale & innovation: Video Cloud scale, continuous innovation and support to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

To learn more, visit our new Media Solutions page or get in touch with us directly through our contact page. If you’re attending NAB, we invite you to meet with us in person. Brightcove will be exhibiting in NAB booth SL10505, April 16-19, in Las Vegas.