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Thinking out of the (Set-Top) Box at OTTCON

The proliferation of apps, devices, and destinations is effecting a change in how media publishers are viewing content distribution, which could eventually lead to a shift in the role of the set-top box in the delivery chain. That’s the premise of a presentation Brightcove VP of TV Solutions, Eric Elia, is delivering today at the Over-the-Top TV Conference (OTTCON) in Santa Clara, Calif.

The presentation will explore how apps are uniquely poised to alter how we engage with television content, particularly as connected TVs and other broadband TV-enabling devices like Roku and Xbox among others are well on their way toward achieving critical mass in the marketplace. Eric will explain how this could lead to a shift away from set-tops to pre-loaded and consumer-downloaded apps that can deliver a much improved and more personalized end user experience.

The benefits are not only limited to the consumer, however, as app owners will realize greater efficiencies and flexibility from a management perspective. Using apps will allow owners to easily push updates to their audiences and design experiences outside of the constraints typically imposed by legacy set-top boxes.

Eric is presenting to OTTCON attendees from 1:30 PM - 2:05 PM PT at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Also, follow OTTCON updates on Twitter using the #ottcon hashtag.