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Speed up your App Cloud apps with image transcoding

App Cloud's image transcoding service makes it ridiculously simple to scale down images for mobile and tablet apps. Here are a few examples:

Reduce an image to 100x100, ignoring the original aspect ratio:

<img src="
&width=100&height=100" width="100" height="100"/>

Reduce an image to 100 pixels in width, preserving the original aspect ratio:

<img src="
&width=100" width="100"/>

Reduce an image to either 100 pixels in width or 100 pixels in height (whichever aspect is greater), preserving the original aspect ratio:

<img src="

Convert a PNG to JPG:

<img src="

You can save a TON of bandwidth by using this service. Not to mention your apps will run faster. Take a 400x400 image and reduce it to 100x100—that can be a 90% (or more) reduction in file size! See the App Cloud docs for a complete rundown of the API.

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