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Video Hosting for Businesses

Most of the attention being paid to the world’s skyrocketing online video consumption rates has focused on consumer-oriented media such as movies, music videos, advertisements, and user-generated content. What’s been left out of the limelight is the less sexy but rapidly growing role of online video in business applications such as corporate communications, investor relations, training, and HR among others.

Corporate video can increase trust and credibility while helping connect with audiences on a more personal level. It can also foster greater employee and business partner productivity with more effective and accessible training. Whether the goal is to share executive messages with customers, investors and stakeholders, or improve training and compliance across distributed employee and partner bases, online videos for businesses have proven to be one of the fastest and most effective ways to communicate a message.


Easy video management and distribution

Many of the world’s most recognized companies are in fact leveraging the Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform to power their corporate and enterprise video communications. With enterprise video hosting, organizations can easily manage and distribute online video with precise control over where and when the content can be viewed.

Using Brightcove Video Cloud for corporate video hosting, organizations can efficiently deliver secure, high-quality business online video. Brightcove makes it simple to implement Video Cloud enterprise hosting services without the need for extensive IT resources. As a hosted, cloud-based application, non-technical users can easily upload content to Video Cloud, allowing anyone to leverage the power of Brightcove’s online video hosting resources.

Video is a highly effective way to communicate – when it attract an audiences’ attention. Brightcove’s large selection of business online video player templates help users get their content up and online quickly with players that offer easy point-and-click customization and extensible design options. More advanced customization and playback experiences are made possible through full API support and the XML-based Brightcove Experience Markup Language (BEML). Further simplicity is afforded by Video Cloud Smart Players, which require only a single embed code to automatically detect the device on which a video is being viewed and deliver the appropriate format for that environment.

Understanding how users are interacting with content is facilitated through Brightcove’s out-of-the-box analytics’ ability to measure and optimize videos. Brightcove analytics show viewing frequency, viewer location, and even how much of the total video is viewed.

While the popularity of online video among consumers worldwide continues to command much of the spotlight, it’s important to remember that the applications reach deep into the business world as well. As evidenced by many of the global organizations who are already using Video Cloud, online video is riding another wave of popularity as an effective tool for corporate communications. 


Additional resources

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Another valuable resource for businesses seeking to implement or expand online video initiatives is, “V-commerce: The Rise of Online Video,” a whitepaper produced by Brightcove and band television pioneer Adjust Your Set. In addition to a thorough overview on how how e-commerce organizations and retailers can leverage online video to drive brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales conversions, the paper features an in-depth case study on leading U.K. retailer, Marks & Spencer.

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