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Mobile Apps Without the Cost and Complexity

Apps are everywhere. Sparked by the introduction of Apple’s App Store as well as the emergence of Facebook as a distribution platform for apps and content, consumers and businesses alike have embraced the app experience. As a result, organizations across all industries need to engage with their audience through mobile apps, but developing apps for these devices has become increasingly complex and costly.

In this month’s Bright Ideas video I sit down with Ashley Streb, Brightcove’s vice president of technology, to discuss the proliferation of apps and the many related platforms, the challenges associated with mobile app development in a highly fragmented landscape, and how this has given way to the rise of hybrid apps. The result of these phenomena is the emergence of a new software category, content app platforms.


If you’d like to take an even deeper look at content apps, the opportunities and challenges they present, and the emergence of content app platforms, we encourage you to download our free whitepaper, “The Rise of Content App Platforms.”

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