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Content App Platforms – Why Companies Should Care

South Korean is a booming mobile market. The market passed the 105% penetration rate mark in 2011 with many individuals carrying at least one mobile phone.* Additionally, South Korea’s Android App Market is No. 2 globally in terms of download.**

Mobile apps have also experienced tremendous growth, thanks to the introduction of Apple’s App Store and the emergence of Facebook as a distribution platform for apps and content. As these apps continue to proliferate across channels and devices, they now take many forms, such as native apps, mobile Web experiences, connected TV apps and social network apps. While this is a huge opportunity for publishers of all kinds, publishing apps across these platforms and devices requires a significant amount of additional technical work, higher costs and increased complexity.

This has sparked the emergence of a new category of software called Content App Platforms, where content is now delivered "in-app" environments to build brand loyalty, increase customer engagement and integrate into the social media ecosystem.

In view of this trend, Brightcove is hosting a seminar in Korea titled “The Rise of the Content App Platform – why Companies Should Care”. This event will be held on March 6th in Seoul from 3pm – 6pm at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, located at Kangnam-Gu, the economic epicenter of Seoul.

James Yoon, our Sales Director for Korea, will be speaking at the event. Attendees can expect to learn:

  • How to leverage cloud content services for competitive advantage
  • What are cloud content services
  • How smart companies are leveraging cloud content services to drive competitive advantage and innovation
  • Introduction to App Cloud, Brightcove's solution to build cross platform content apps using open standards and no compromises

We currently have over one hundred registrants for this event to date, and have recently changed our venue to accomodate the overwhelming response. If you are interested, please act quickly to sign up here to book your seats. We are in the final stages of accepting registrations and expect to close soon.

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