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Brightcove Introduces Exciting New Video Cloud Enhancements for Video Content Management and HTML5 Smart Players

At Brightcove we are laser focused on continuing to innovate and introduce new Video Cloud features to empower our publishers to drive more value with their online video initiatives. In the past month, we have released a number of features and enhancements that will help our customers reach audiences on emerging platforms and manage video libraries more efficiently.


Video Content Management Features

Video content management is a core feature of Video Cloud, and we’ve always been focused on providing features that make your video management workflow more efficient. February’s release adds two features that simplify updating and editing video assets and enable business-level users to have more control over managing video libraries.

Though you could previously make updates to remote assets programmatically, we added the functionality to edit remote asset renditions through the Video Cloud Studio. Your less technical users can play a larger role in your content management process with the ability to add, edit, and update renditions through the Studio UI.

You can also now delete video still images, logo overlays, banner images, or bumper videos in the Video Cloud Studio. As your video library grows and you rotate out old videos in favor of new content, your previously saved assets can make it difficult to find a single image or bumper video. This new feature enables you to delete old assets that are no longer in use to clean up the asset selection menu. The feature also prevents users from deleting assets that are currently in-use, eliminating any issues that can result from such a scenario.


Smart Player Enhancements

Brightcove changed the mobile video publishing game with our Video Cloud Smart Players more than a year ago, and we’re continuing to innovate and provide our publishers with the tools needed to create compelling cross-platform video experiences.

This release includes HTML5 plug-in support. HTML5 plug-ins have access to the Smart Player API and enable you to build custom functionality like integration with third-party analytics providers, advanced player customization, and more. Now these plug-ins can run in your players in both Flash and HTML5 mode, ensuring a consistent video experience no matter what device your viewers are using.

These are just a few examples of our recent Video Cloud innovations. Head on over to the product updates page to read up on all of the details surrounding our latest release, and be sure to subscribe to the product updates RSS feed to make sure you’re informed of new features as soon as we release them.