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Brightcove CMO, Jeff Whatcott, to Present Webinar on the Appification of Digital Media and the Rise of Hybrid Apps

On Wednesday, February 22nd, Brightcove CMO, Jeff Whatcott, will be delivering an exciting new webinar on the "appification" of digital media, the future of content distribution and the rise of hybrid HTML5 apps for iOS and Android devices. Jeff will deliver two versions of this webinar, one at 9:00 am ET and another at 3:00 pm ET. You can register for the morning webinar here and the afternoon webinar here.

During the discussion, Jeff will discuss the fragmentation that is occurring across smartphone, tablet and consumer electronics platforms. This fragmentation makes for widely varying user experience conventions to reflect different form factors and user habits. And, the technical requirements for app development are equally diverse across platforms, calling for highly specialized, platform-specific skills and workflows that look nothing like Web development. 

Many of the challenges posed by content apps stem from the need to develop different versions based on different standards for each platform or device. This has led to the emergence of hybrid apps, which offer the best of both worlds. They are developed with cross-platform HTML5 wrapped in a native, platform-specific container. 

During the webinar, Jeff will also discuss how the rise of hybrid apps has lead to a new software category called content app platforms. These platforms address the challenges of content app development across the full lifecycle of an app, reducing the cost and complexity of operating in this diverse new environment while freeing organizations to focus on brand, content, and user experience innovation. Brightcove App Cloud is the pioneering content app platform, and helps developers and publishers support the entire lifecycle of content-centric hybrid apps and deliver them in a cost-effective manner across multiple device platforms. 

You can learn more about this emerging software category in our new whitepaper, "The Rise of Content App Platforms". You can also visit Brightcove at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona to learn more about App Cloud. 

We hope to see you on tomorrow's webinar!