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Employee Spotlight: Kate Mazzini

Kate Mazzini, Senior Project Manager, foodie, yoga lover, scuba diver, and mom tells us about working at Brightcove for the past three years.  Kate works on our professional services team.  Her days are spent on a variety of projects and working closely with our customers to develop postive relationships and ensure they are happy. 


Name: Kate Mazzini    Role: Senior Project Manager

Where are you from and where did you attend school?  I am from Sutton, MA, about an hour outside of Boston. I attended Boston University. 

How did you end up in Boston?  I am a family person at heart, so my college search focused on New England based institutions. I chose BU because of it's diversity and strong Liberal Arts reputation, and also because I had been a country girl all my life and wanted a school in an cultured, urban setting simply to try something different. I ultimately moved to San Diego for a "change" right after college; I always like a challenge in life, however I think that's when I truly discovered that my heart will always be in the Northeast where my roots lie, so I returned to Boston a short 2-years later. I have been here ever since.

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?  I love a juicy, flowy Vinyassa yoga class, chefing-up creations with my life partner, and traveling to interesting places; last year we were in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and then Bermuda, and the year prior we toured the Greek Islands, and in 2008 we spent a week at a treasure of an island in the Caribbean called Nevis. Although those are some of my true hobbies, my true passion is being a mom to my 6-month old daughter, Stella; my husband and I never knew it was possible to love someone else that much. 

When did you join Brightcove? December 2008

Why did you join Brightcove?  I had worked at a few of the top Ad Agencies in the city for about 8 or so years, and honestly I had burned out and needed a change. I wanted to find a technology company with strong leadership that's an innovator in their space, and also one where I could leverage my past client and project management skills to excel and grow. At my first interview I fell in love with the Professional Services team, and the position as a Project Manger was ideal since it's a blend of both Client Services and Project Management, which is hard to find. Honestly, in the end I truly joined because it just felt right.

What is one thing you couldn't live with out? My husband and my daughter. Sorry, that's two but I can't decide between them :). And maybe a big glass of complex red wine, sushi, and my iPhone. Okay, I'll stop now. 

What is your hidden talent?  Basketball, I really don't talk about it much, and I haven't played in a while. But I played center and was the MVP of my league, and also the all-time high scorer in my high school. Not sure if that has been rivaled to date though, probably. 

What is your favorite restaurant or bar in Cambridge/Boston?  I don't have just one favorite, I'm a foodie, but among my fav's are: Toro, Stella, Copa, The Butcher Shop, Newptune Oyster, Ten Tables, Menton... I can go on and on! Why? 

Anything else interesting about you?  I am certified in scuba, though I limit myself to warm climate dives only; I'm not into murky waters that freeze you to the bone. 

What do you work on at Brightcove? I work on all things video that are cool, ha. I manage a full range of video projects for brands & media companies, both on the client and project management side of things. My projects range from a quick content migration that's a week or two long to, broader, more strategic engagements that run over 12 months or so. I strive to develop positive relationships with my clients so that they are happy, and want to continue to work with Brightcove, and with me, in the future. Happy clients means I have done my job well.

What is the typical day of you? Once I am at work, I review my task list in the morning, set priorities, and work through the list. Those tasks range from writing requirements documents, scopes, and timelines to managing internal resources and staffing. Intermixed are a series of client and internal project-specific meetings, as well as managing those unpredictable challenges that need to be addressed as they arise. Truthfully, my days are not monotonous or routine, so I don't really have a "typical" day; and I like that. 

What is your go to item in the Brightcove kitchen?  Almonds and sparkling water! I am a bit of a healthy eater.

What is your favorite memory or experience at Brightcove?  I don't really have a favorite, I just love the culture, the people, and the work that we do. Every day it just gets better and better. 

What keeps you coming back to Brightcove each day?  First and foremost, the Professional Services team, it's like a 2nd family to me. I really enjoy the people I work with. We have a salsa dancer, a glass blower, a singer, and the best homemade chocolate maker there is, just to name a few. Secondly, the products we produce and the initiatives we have planned in the future keep me coming back. It's amazing to be the part of such an innovative company, and to watch us evolve over the last 3 years that I have been here. We are always looking for "what's next", and pushing the envelope to be the first to market. That's cool. 

Tell me about the culture at Brightcove.  It's all about people and innovation. I remember the recruiter who brought me in here saying that Brightcove only hires "nice" people who like to work hard and I believe that to be true. If you are nice, and want to be challenged but also play hard, you will fit in. Brightcove believes in balance as I have mentioned; we all have lives outside of work, and that is something that I haven't always had in the past. 

What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?  To work hard and play hard. I think it is important to have a solid balance of both in life. Becoming a working mom has helped me realize that and define what that means for me, and it's not an easy thing to do. I think those values fit well into the culture here at Brightcove, where I am constantly challenged with the projects I lead and the clients I manage, but also afforded the opportunity to get home in the evening in time to spend time with my family; I consider myself very lucky.