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Guest Blog by Dennis Rose, VP of Asia Pacific

Consumers’ desire to access web content through a broad variety of devices will continue to have an impact on content publishing and distribution across the web in 2012.  

The wide market acceptance of iPhones, iPads and Android smart phones and tablets in the past few years has resulted in further fragmentation of the mobile operating system landscape. Great for consumer choice, but a headache for anyone trying to develop apps for mobile web devices! 

In response to these shifts in device variety, there is a significant “appification” of content by publishers, whether we are sitting at our desks, out-and-about or relaxing in the living room. At the same time, publishers are struggling with the costs and skill shortages needed to create compelling applications for so many native devices. Touch web experiences are easier to develop to, cost less and are certainly more discoverable by search engines, but they do not provide the benefits of a native app experience as they lack access to device libraries, cameras, microphones and are not easily updated as they do not accept push messaging.  Brightcove believes that good content belongs in both native applications and touch web sites. We also believe that a “write once”, deploy-to-many approach, combined with full life cycle management features designed to design, develop, test, publish and also provide ongoing management of your apps is the ideal approach.  

Brightcove ‘s App Cloud provides a content app platform environment that allows you to build compelling native applications for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets without the need to know advanced programming languages. Commonly available web skills will do! Using templates or designing from scratch in html, CSS3 or JavaScript is simplified. Testing in the cloud and then easily publishing through the iTunes Store and the Android App Market brings you to market more quickly. Keeping apps updated and fresh using App Cloud is incredibly easy and can be done by content owners instead of advanced programmers.  App Cloud makes content-centric application development a business deliverables rather than “yet another IT project”. 

Find out more about App Cloud and join the thousands of customers that are reaching more consumers through the appification of their digital content.