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Updated Search in Media Module - Find Videos with Ease

Have you noticed the new location of search in Brightcove Video Cloud Media Module?  The search bar has not only become more visible, but has become more useful!  The base search now searches all metadata text fields.  Using tags to organize your content?  No problem, you can now search by tags.  Need to find the videos with a particular custom field?  Great, we search that too!  

For those of you with large video libraries, we also provide the ability to refine your search.  If searching the text fields alone does not provide enough granularity, you can use the "Advanced Search" or "refine search" capabilities to combine search terms and search date ranges.  Simply select which specific fields you want to search and viola, you get refined results.

Please read more about this feature on our support site.

We hope this new functionality allows you to more easily locate your video files going forward!  And keep your eyes out for more features from Brightcove to help improve your workflow and save you time.