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Come read about the Brightcove Video Cloud 11.11 Release

Removing the complexity behind Video delivery for you is one of the goals of Brightcove Video Cloud - and with our Video Cloud 11.11 release, we have taken that one step further.  We have released a new JavaScript player API that works with our Smart Players - whether they render as Flash or HTML5.  This allows you to build once, and use regardless if the player renders on a tablet or PC - saving you time and preserving the user experience you work hard to create.  While the Smart Player APIs do not yet have complete feature parity with our Flash Player APIs, but we have captured the most commonly used features and will continue to add more functionality over time.  You can read all about what is possible on support site.  

Speaking of mobile devices, if securing your streams is important, then read on!  We now support HLS encryption which will allow you to send encrypted video over HTTP for playback on devices running iOS - including, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  We use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and some other technologies to encrypt your content to protect against piracy when delivering the content.  And the best part?  There is no noticeable difference to your end users.  You can read about the technical specification on our support site.

Please check out our product updates page for a full list of features in this release.