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New Video Case Study - Miami Dolphins

We are extremely excited about our newest video case study with the National Football League's Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are one of the most storied franchises in the NFL, with a long history of success and a loyal, energetic fan-base.

What's great about the Dolphins is that they recognize the power of video in building engagement with fans online. In order to give its fans the access to great content they deserve and to maintain the standards of excellence set forth by the team's ownership, the Dolphins partnered with Brightcove to support all of its video efforts for its fan site, The

With the Video Cloud online video platform, the Dolphins are now able to easily deliver high quality content to fans almost instantly. Whether it's footage from a post-game press conference, in-depth interviews, or clips of community outreach the players are involved in, the Dolphins are able to easily upload content and publish it immediately to fans tuning in on mobile devices or on PCs. The Dolphins have also been able to streamline their video production process and grow from publishing 2 - 3 videos per day to upwards of 10 per day, as well as track user engagement more accurately.

By allowing their viewers access to the team like never before, the Dolphins are building a true online community of Dolphins fans around the world. We are thrilled to support the Dolphin's efforts both now and in the future as they continue to add new video and multimedia offerings.