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Brightcove's 11.10 Video Cloud Release

We are excited to announce new features in our October Video Cloud release. In this release, we have added encryption to our HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), rendition URLs to the Brightcove Video Cloud Studio and the ability to failover to our HTML5 player if Flash is not installed. I am going to mention some highlights here but you can read about all our new features from our product update page

One of the key features in this release is that we added encryption to our HLS streams. This new feature allows you to stream securely to iOS based devices by adding AES encryption to the HLS stream. In additional to simply putting AES encryption on the content, we have taken additional steps to increase the level of protection such as delivering the keyfile and playlist files securely to the player.

For customers who have accounts enabled for Universal Delivery Service (UDS) now have added the ability to view the URLs for all of the renditions in the Video Cloud Studio. In the “Edit Video” dialog you can now view the URLs for each of the renditions and either download or reference each rendition directly. 

Lastly, we have added a feature in the player API to allow our player to failover from the Flash player to the HTML5 player in situations where Flash is not installed on the device. The purpose of this feature is to prevent a user from getting a message that they need to install Flash before than can play the video. This will instead, play the video via the HTML5 player without any error messages. 

Check out our product updates page to read about all of our updates in this release.