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SharePoint Integration for Video Cloud Streamlines Video Publishing to SharePoint Sites

We’ve had a lot of activity around content management system integrations recently, announcing a partnership with Ektron and a new Brightcove module for Drupal 7 over the past few months. At Brightcove, we understand that our customers are managing not just video content but entire websites, so we place a lot of emphasis on making sure Brightcove Video Cloud works seamlessly with other tools that marketers and content publishers use to build engaging Web experiences.

We’re continuing the trend of bringing you deep integrations with leading content management systems this week with the SharePoint 2010 integration with Video Cloud.

The SharePoint integration with Video Cloud intuitively combines two best-in-class technology solutions. The module enables SharePoint administrators to easily add Video Cloud players to any page on their site and rely on SharePoint permissions to limit access to authorized individuals only. Administrators can upload content, create video players, and authorize content for their SharePoint site, and other users can browse the Video Cloud library, preview and play content, create playlists, and edit metadata – all from within the SharePoint interface.

The project is available free of charge on, where you will also find links to installation instructions and an administrative guide. Better yet, we’re providing access to the full uncompiled source code, which means with a few tweaks you can create custom experiences to support in-depth integrations with your specific SharePoint implementation. For more resources about the integration, check out our SharePoint profile page.

Many thanks to VML, creators of this integration.