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Customer Highlight: Vital Choice

Brightcove  Video Cloud is used by a wide variety of organizations, so it's always fun to see how these businesses are leveraging online video in even the most niche markets. Vital Choice, a seafood company that sells sustainable wild fish and organic foods, is one such company. The online store offers healthy wild seafood and other types of organic fare, but the ultimate goal is about more than simply distributing these foods. It's about illustrating the benefits of consuming wild and organic sustainable food on a large scale - and what better way to illustrate that than through video! 

As the name of the company states, Vital Choice is focused on encouraging consumers to make the best choices when purchasing seafood. The company's ability to prove that the foods they sell are the right choice depends on trust between the store and the consumer, and that is where the Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform comes into the picture. Vital Choice has built out a What People Say portion of its site, which is primarily comprised of video testimonials from leading health and lifestyle experts. As Director of Digital Media, Arnie Klaus, says, the goal of including videos on the Vital Choice site is "to show that we have the enthusiastic support of the professional health and culinary communities."  These testimonials play a large part in validating the promise the company makes to its customers. 

Though Vital Choice is still in the beginning stages of this video intiative, the organization has big goals. Klaus says, "we are planning to promote and share the video links on our email newsletter and on Facebook. We are anticipating others will pick up on the messages that we deliver as a way not only to promote our products, but to emphasize the importance of quality food and good health." Incorporating social media into a video strategy is a powerful way to spread the message, and Vital Choice is not missing out. 

The lesson here is important: every business, no matter the industry, has a message, and making sure you share that message in a compelling, high-quality way can go a long way toward solidifying the brand and building customer loyalty.