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API Request Builder just got better - More outputs, more settings

At Zencoder we take pride in making it easy to integrate with our API. In addition to being meticulous about our documentation, we also have an API Request Builder to help developers quickly and easily integrate with Zencoder's API.  With the Request Builder, you can generate and execute example JSON API requests through an easy drop-down interface. Beyond the JSON, it's also handy for testing Zencoder's capabilities before fully integrating. And now it's even easier to test the full capabilities of our API with the Request Builder by adding support for multiple outputs as well some of our advanced settings. Multiple Outputs Why stop at one output? Creating multiple outputs via the API Request Builder is now as simple as clicking a button. Simply click 'Add Output' to reveal a new set of encoding options for each output.

Additional Encoding Options When we first built the Request Builder, we wanted it to be a simple tool that illustrated how to work with Zencoder's RESTful API. We offer over 100 encoding options, which can be overwhelming when you are first getting started, so we limited the settings in the Request Builder to only the most commonly used. Over time we've found that our customers want to be able to run one-off jobs, or even use Zencoder to encode videos without building their own application. In these situations, users were unable to access some of our more advanced encoding settings. To address that, we've recently added some of these options, including: We'll continue to roll out additional settings over the coming months. If there is a setting that you would like us to add, email us at or leave it in the comments below.