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Brightcove vs Brightcove

During a recent company meeting, CFO, Chris Menard, saved the best for last.

“Now for the big announcement... We have two basketball teams here at Brightcove in the Cambridge league, and on Monday night it is Brightcove vs. Brightcove.”



Each team has players from various departments across Brightcove. And collectively they all played a great game!

"Team Brightcove"
Chris Menard
Chris Little
Jeff Kushmerek
Eamon Tobin
Matt Glynn
Harsh Walia
Mark Heinhold

"the B Squad"
Tareef Kawaf
Jeff Whatcott
Eric Souza
Sam Perman
Chris Klein
Ted Bronstein
Drew Mavrikos
Ian Marlier

We also had quite a few people come watch the game and cheer on their favorite team. Like Brightcove Community Manager Kellie Borrero, who said, "It was a close and exciting game that came down to the final few seconds. Both teams played hard and it was very fun to watch them battle to the end!"

It was also a great chance to see our co-workers outside of the office. “Sam on the court is just like Sam at work; intense and relaxed at the same time,” said Gerardo Quinones, Senior QA Engineer.

The final score was 40 to 39, with "Team Brightcove" winning over the “B Squad.”