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Brightcove Apac: The Startup within Brightcove

I have spent close to a year working within our Asia Pacific team, a ‘startup’ within a startup. Brightcove Apac is led by Dennis Rose, with its headquarters in Singapore and local offices in South Korea and ANZ.  So, to all our local readers, apa khabar, g’day or 안녕하세요

Since our launch in November, our Apac customers have grown rapidly and have reached in excess of one hundred. We are growing our local offices to support our expanding customer base.  Which is all very good news, but with so many opportunities, the question that I’m often asked is, which target segments do you then focus on as a start up?

There is no hard and fast rule to this, but we do see that media companies and brand marketers (with the sub segment of retailers) are at inflection point where online video is concerned.

For media companies, online video represents a fast-growing opportunity for monetization as it offers up a new revenue stream for traditional media. Content consumption patterns are changing as well, with mobile devices being a preferred device for some. Media companies need to manage their content, expand their reach and obtain insights to understand the content consumption.

Often we find that early adopter companies in a market have gone the DIY route due to a lack of viable local options.  They tend to invest in their own technology and infrastructure and then consider outsourcing as the market grows and their requirements become more complex.  These companies are also good barometers of market inflection points and help drive requirements for our platform and so we pride ourselves on partnering with the early adopters and innovators when entering new markets.

What about brand marketers then? Well, more in my next post. Stay tuned.