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New Omniture SWF Added to Open Source @ Brightcove

Using Omniture in conjunction with Brightcove just got easier. Open Source @ Brightcove, the community site for apps, SDKs and other developer tools, has added a new Flash plug-in for reporting events from within Brightcove video players to Omniture. Reports can then be rolled up using Omniture's SiteCatalyst.

SiteCatalyst is a powerful website analytics platform that helps marketers and web teams track site visitors and optimize websites. With the new open source Omniture SWF, you can easily integrate your Brightcove account with Omniture and start tracking website and video analytics within the same platform for a comprehensive view on the performance of your online properties.

Joint Omniture/Brightcove users can use the plug-in to specify at a detailed level what information gets sent for a wide variety of player and video events. For example, if you want to know the frequency of rendition usage to fine-tune your rendition settings, you can leverage events already set up in the plugin code and simply add further details to track specific events.

All that's required is setting up an XML file. And, since it's an open source project, you can even take the code and extend it or tweak it yourself, shortening your development time and getting a custom-tailored analytics to market as quickly as possible.

Check out the Omniture plugin page on for more details on setting up the plugin.