Providing Customized Player Error Messages

Would you like to provide custom error messages?

Sometimes errors happen: someone accidentally deletes or deactivates the wrong video, or someone tries to watch a video that is domain- or geo-restricted, and can't be watched from the viewer's location. In these cases, Brightcove players will display standard error messages (the player in this page is domain-restricted so that it will not work here):


But you can replace these with your own custom messages - maybe you want to localize the standard messages, because your primary audience's language is not English, or perhaps you just prefer to offer a different message.

To implement custom error messages, you first need to wrap them in a standard XML file:

Robert's custom domain restriction message
Robert's custom geo-restriction message
Robert's custom invalid ID message
Robert's custom default error message

Next, post the XML file to your web server (it's best to host on the same server as your web site, to avoid cross-domain XML issues). I've stored the code above as:

Now, add a <param> to the <object> in your publishing code with the name "localizedErrorXML" and set the value to the URL for your XML file:

<param name="localizedErrorXML" value="" />

And that's it -- your player will now display your custom messages if errors occur: