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Online Video: How AOL is doing it right

Video is becoming a core part of AOL's content strategy and business model going forward. AOL Video covers everything from music videos, to news clips, movie trailers, viral videos, and full-length TV shows. AOL has become the second largest online video property in the US according to comScore rankings, trailing only behind YouTube itself. AOL is doubling down on video content with some key acquisitions and original production initiatives. VideoNuze posted a few key lessons for online video success that AOL CEO Tim Armstrong shared at a Video Summit the other day that I thought were worth re-posting here because they are spot-on, and apply to any video publisher:

  1. Dedicated teams for video are required; it's too important to share resources.
  2. Video assets must be organized and cataloged; most companies don't even know how much or what they own as he found when he arrived at AOL 2 years ago.
  3. A great video player is needed; it's at the center of the user experience.
  4. Video should be put everywhere; distribution is crucial.
  5. Collecting data on video performance is essential; data is particularly useful in determining the optimal ad formats and user experience.

We can't help really help you with number one - your staffing decisions are your own. But the rest is all about having the right online video platform to support everything from metadata, to engaging players, to distribution strategies, and analytics features. We're proud to be the online video platform supporting AOL's video initiatives.