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Live Blog: Brightcove PLAY 2011 Special Announcement, Day 2


9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Keynote Session
Stay tuned for a very special announcement!

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**Disclaimer: I'm live blogging, so please excuse lapses of grammar, spelling errors, and typos!** 

9:59 Allaire: Incredibly excited about this: we want to do more for our customers, takes us further down the road to solve those problems. Celebrating on the Harbor Cruise tonight.

9:57 Allaire: Four sessions that are about the product that were ambiguously named before to keep the secret. We funded and developed as a start up within Brightcove. Ashely Streb led the team. We're dramatically expanding our investments in Video Cloud at the same time.

9:56 Allaire: Milestones toward general availability. Right now is the private beta, now you can go to the site and sign up for private beta. Gradually adding customers over the next month or two. Tons of interest, so please be patient. Then we'll have open beta for any web developer to start building and testing. Generally available in 2H 2011 commercially. It's production ready - some apps are already running on it.

9:55 Allaire: How App Cloud will be brought to market. Developer focus, free developer edition for Brightcove App Cloud - SDK, developer account to test and develop with Workshop and Browser testing only. If you want to publish those apps: that organization needs a commercial license to the service. Focus on mid-market, enterprise organizations, similar to Video Cloud license, annual subscription. Expect an App Cloud Express edition in the future with more limited features for smaller publishers.

9:54 Streb: Killer Apps: Rich, engaging applications. Open Standards: CSS, HTML, JavaScript. No Compromises: native apps and mobile touch websites.

9:51 Streb: One more thing: playback on the TV in the Department of State app to send the video from the phone to the TV. Sends video from iPhone app to the Apple TV in the room (Applause).

9:50 Mason: Talking about more cloud services. Fantastic platform for single content apps, but also has the ability for developers to reuse templates across properties. Able to launch a second application from the same template - Army Wives and One Born Every Minute. Cross platform push notification services. Also ability to include Facebook social sharing engagement tools. Also includes advanced realtime analytics to show user engagement and downloads.

9:47 Streb: Demoing the Army Wives app running on the iPhone and the Android. Different experience based on the navigation metaphors for each device. 


9:46 Streb: Publishing the app. Highlight: every time you generate a native app, you have the option for Brightcove to host and publish the app out to the store for you, or you can choose to submit it yourself and we give you the binary to download and follow the process yourself. 

9:45 Streb: Adding videos to the application. Easy to pull in directly from Brightcove. Drag and drop organization of content. UI adjusts appropriately to your content. 

9:43 Streb: Getting a real-time preview of the content in the app. (Applause for the interactive preview). Ability to tweak things in the style templates really easily. Ability to customize a lot of settings. 

9:41 Streb: Showing the app building process. First choosing the template, then building the app in the App Module. Bundling themes for a company brand identity. Army Wives is including AdMob advertisement to monetize. 


9:38 Streb: Showing the Army Wives app to demo the studio. Pulling in templates, looking at content feeds. RSS feeds, JSON APIs, Flickr images, etc. Don't want to just deliver that directly to the app - because it will be really slow. Need to take that content and optimize for mobile devices. Set up connections to those data sources for optimization. Showing the process for adding a new feed, pasting in a URL to an image feed. Includes image transcoding for the appropriate size and format - only sending a certain amount of image entries to the user to load faster. Configure what fields are sent to the app: image and caption (don't need copyright or credit details from the feed). 

9:36 Mason: Giving an overview of the cloud services aspects of App Cloud. Connecting to your existing content sources, RSS feeds from CMS or custom data feeds. Vision for broad range of connectors that exist in the cloud already. Provide services that optimize content delivery over mobile networks, and provide real-time analytic. App submission tools.


9:35 Streb: Showing how easy it is to change a design element on the fly, with instantly reflected changes. 

9:33 Streb: Workshop application lets you get files quickly on the phone, also streamlines collaboration with the rest of the business. Demoes the Workshop application. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the computer to your phone to see the workshop application working on the phone live. 

9:32 Streb:  Other tools to make this easier. Lets you visualize what the app looks like in your phone. Enable the app cloud extension. Allows you to see the layout of each device and operating system. 

9:31 Streb: Highlighting critical things about how easy it is to build with the app cloud. Files are HTML, Javascript, CSS files. It's also possible to use native iOS or Android libraries - bundle in game experiences into these apps - reuse existing investments that you already may have. 

9:30 Mason: Talking about how easy it is for developers to use tools they are comfortable with to build apps efficiently. Development starts with downloading the SDK, writing your template, and binding it with your content.

9: 27 Ashely Streb showing the State Department application on the iPhone. Pulls in photo albums, video and a news section for press releases, and even a trip view to show where the Secretary of State has been recently.


9:25 CTO Bob Mason and VP of Technology Ashely Streb take the stage to show how App Cloud works.

9:23 Allaire:  Represents the rise of a new category: Content App Platforms. Platforms for building, deploying and operating content apps. Generate both native apps and touch websites. These will also help you develop Smart TV and Facebook apps as well. Focus for first step is mobile and tablet devices.


9:22 Video showing the app development problem and introducing Brightcove App Cloud.

9:21 Allaire: New product: Brightcove App Cloud pioneering content app platform. 


9:21 Allaire: Brightcove Video Cloud: new name for the online video platform. 

9:20 Allaire: We've been synonymous with video, and has defined the company for a while. We'll always be the leading online video platform. Now we are: cloud content services, to support the portfolio of our products.

9:19 Allaire: Leaders: Google has a data-centric view of the web. Facebook has relationship-centric view of the web. We have a content-centric view of the web, and that informs us and our brand.

9:18 Allaire: "Our mission is to publish and distribute the world's professional digital media." Has been our mission statement, looking toward the future of our company - noticeably didn't include video on it's own.

9:16 Allaire: This isn't a new problem: happen with CD Roms, then the Web, then Apps, and who knows what's next. Is there a compromise that looks more like the Open Web. Stalemate between open web and native app platforms because of significant benefits of each. 

9:15 Allaire: Problem is not going away. Smart phone market forecast example. Continuing fragmentation in this market, and in the smart TV market as well.


9:15 Allaire: Fragmentation makes reach insanely expensive. Between the web, specialized experiences, smartphone apps with different platforms, same thing happening in smart TVs. Building across this ecosystem is expensive. Requires specialized skill set, and maintenance is also a headache. 

9:13 Allaire: Diversifying and applying: content is now on smartphones, tablets, Facebook like an application. Smart TV apps. Content apps connected to the cloud for constant update. Essential for every media company, brand, nonprofit. 

9:12 Allaire: We want to provide a portfolio of products for our customers. Bring together threads we've been talking about over the last year. Hopefully will be surprising. Ideas started with customer conversations: opportunities and challenges in front of you.

9:11 Allaire: Significant day for the history of the company. Today has been on my mind since the founding of the company. Problems we have been solving for video apply much more broadly. Publishing, distributing, managing digital media beyond video. Recently issued a patent: broadly describes rich interactions around digital content - all forms of media distributed in the cloud.

9:09 CEO Jeremy Allaire takes the stage to introduce the big news.