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How To PLAY from Afar

We're more than excited that our very first customer conference is completely sold out, but we're sad that means we'll be missing some of you at the event! But if you can't make it in person in Boston, don't worry! There are lots of ways you can participate and follow the events from afar.

Live Stream Keynotes

What kind of online video company would we be if we didn't live stream the event?! We'll have quality feeds coming from all the keynotes at Tune in for all three sessions Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday -- these are not to be missed!


The best way to follow the goings-on of the conference will be to watch Twitter. With hashtags, a lot of people are now participating in conferences from the comfort of their own homes/offices. Watch the #BrightcovePLAY hashtag for updates, insights and quotes from panels, and commentary from attendees. Add your own questions or comments to the stream. My favorite way to follow conferences on Twitter is using TweetDeck, which allows you to devote a special column to the hashtag so it's constantly updating throughout the day. You can also follow @Brightcove and @BrightcovePLAY for live updates from the event.

Live Blogging

We'll be blogging the keynotes and a few other sessions and details throughout the event. Check out for the latest coverage, especially during the live keynotes. We'll be linking to new posts from Twitter and Facebook, too.


The community team will have aspecial Forum board devoted to questions and follow up about PLAY. Keep track of the discussion there, too.

Website Updates

Keep an eye on for some exciting updates and announcements throughout the event!

How will you participate?