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Hearst: Focusing on the content and leaving the technology to us

We're always eager to share customer success stories, especially when we can tell them in our medium of choice: video. Check out the new video case study featuring one of our largest publisher customers, Hearst

As a diversified media company, Hearst properties covering everything from newspapers, to magazines, to entertainment and television stations. Video is a core element of their content production strategy, particularly as they continue to cater to new audience devices online and on mobile devices and tablets.

Watch the video case study

In an ad-supported business, Hearst relies on quality content and distribution to attract advertisers. The Brightcove video platform gives Hearst peace of mind that their media is distributed and presented in a professional manner. The flexibility and customization of the platform also allows Hearst to experiment with new advertising techniques, with the ability to rapidly and easily deploy models across their suite of properties.

Using the Brightcove platform, Hearst has been able to shift internal resources away from supporting the mundane technical and infrastructure details to refocus its investment and energy on its core competency: producing video content.

Mike Dunn is confident in Brightcove's industry leading position, knowing that the product continues to innovate to support emerging technologies like mobile video and social media distribution. Dunn believes in Brightcove's ability to scale to meet his needs: "We're a very large organization. When we find something that's successful and we want to scale rapidly, Brightcove is ready for us when we're ready to scale."

Watch the full video case study.