Simple MRSS Feeds without Programming

Easy MRSS Feeds

rss icon Most Recent Videos

Link href:


rss icon Videos tagged "sea"

Link href:


rss icon Videos tagged "sea", "land", or "air"

Link href:


This is a really simple approach to creating MRSS feeds from your Brightcove video library using the search_videos method of the Media API. The feed links above are simple links pointing to a Brightcove feed generator-- for example:

  <img src=""/> Animal Videos

You can think of this link as have 4 parts:

  • The standard part:
  • The Player ID for the player that will play the videos: player835199013001
  • The account ID for your account: 835233035001
  • Parameters to qualify the results returned: /tags/sea/

You can add more tags to search on: /tags/sea/land/air/

You can also use other parameters besides tags:

  • /new - returns the most recent videos (the first link above)
  • /video[videoID here]/related - videos related to the specified video
  • /top/alltime - most viewed videos in the account
  • /top/trailingweek - videos most viewed in the previous week
  • /playlist[playlistID here] - the videos in the specified playlist