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Product Update: Video Level Analytics and Other Enhancements

The Brightcove product team is pleased to announce the release of Brightcove 5.2.1. We are excited to provide you more detailed information on your users’ viewing behavior of your videos and allowing you to make more informed decisions regarding your video strategy.


Video level Analytics

Looking for a way to understand what videos perform better on which of your sites?  Then look to our new video level analytics capabilities!  We now provide our video views, viewed minutes, embedded domains, referring sites and search terms information by video. You can use these reports to understand how a particular video is performing across multiple properties and compare the performance of up to 4 videos to each other. This will allow you to test different configurations of a video (which videos perform best on which sites, video length) and find the optimal experience for monetization and engagement.


Sort by Start_Date

We have now extended the search_videos API to allow you to sort your content by start_date.   As the availability start date can be set by you, this now allows you use the APIs to sort by a date you choose.  Consider the situation where you have older videos that are not yet in Brightcove.  You can now upload this content into Brightcove, set the Availability start date to the date you first produced this content, and now use the search_videos API to retrieve the content ordered chronologically by the original published date.  This sort functionality already exists for Smart Playlists, and now you can take advantage of it through the search_videos API as well.