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Lower price for multiple outputs

Available today, Zencoder is discounting the cost of every output after the first by 20%. You don't have to do anything to get this discount--it will automatically be applied every time you encode a single input file to multiple output files. However, this only works if the outputs are a part of the same job; if you submit two separate jobs with the same input file, you won't see a discount. Within a job, the highest priced output is run at full price and every additional output receives the discount. So, if you encode an input file to two HD outputs and two SD outputs, one of the HD outputs and both of the SD outputs would be 20% off. Why did we introduce this discount? 1. We're growing quickly. We are increasingly under more consistent and constant load allowing us to more effectively distribute that load and more fully utilize our transcoders. Due to this increased efficiency at scale we're able to optimize our pricing. 2. Multiple outputs are the future. Delivering video is actually getting more complicated, not less, due to things like HTML5, mobile, adaptive bitrate streaming, licensing issues, and codec wars. Ultimately this means that you'll need to encode to more formats, resolutions, and bitrates to reach the widest audience. In many ways this leads to a better user experience when you deliver a version of your video targeted to the user's playback capabilities. 3. Internal optimizations. Currently, we don't charge for the input file of a job, only for output minutes. The cost for transfer and inspection of the input file is bound up in the price for the output. However, because we now intelligently cache the input file on our transcoders we can effectively remove the cost of the input from all of the outputs after the first. As always, we're listening to your feedback and responding. You can reach us at with any questions you may have.