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Correction for rotated videos added to Adaptive Encoding Engine

As you may have read the Brightcove Product team recently released the Brightcove Mobile Upload App for the iPhone. To support this awesome way to capture content and get it into your Brightcove account we've updated our transcoding system to better handle videos captured by devices such as the iPhone that may be held in different orientations while recording.

Many transcoding systems are not prepared to deal with videos like this. When this rotation isn't corrected the video in your web page is rotated 90 degrees in one direction or the other and likely wider or taller than it was meant to be. Definitely not the viewer experience most would expect. Now that we are able to detect rotate metadata stored in the videos you upload we can rotate them back to the appropriate angle for viewing.

Capturing content from mobile devices is gaining popularity as more and more people have them. Now when you upload content captured on these devices, whether you use our new mobile upload app or not, it will display correctly in your Brightcove players. There are no new options you have to select or levers to pull. This is just one more aspect of the process Brightcove handles for you behind the scenes so your videos look how they were meant to.