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New .Net, Ruby, Java, and Context-Aware Contributions to Open Source @ Brightcove

After launching just a little over a month ago, the Open Source @ Brightcove community has already contributed four new projects to the catalog! We're really excited because this set includes contributions from the Brightcove customers: Agora Games and Velir. We're excited to highlight the great work our customers have done to customize on our robust platform, and we hope that by sharing, other members of the community will benefit and share their work as well!

.NET Media API Wrapper

Velir Studios announced that their Brightcove .NET SDK is now available from Brightcove's Open Source initiative. The code serves as a fantastic starting point for integrating Brightcove into any .NET application, providing full coverage of the Media API. The SDK also boasts built-in extensibility and robust error detection and reporting. Velir is a full-service web agency with expertise in content management and data visualization.

Ruby Media API Wrapper

Agora Games added their Brightcove Ruby SDK to the Open Source @ Brightcove repository shortly after launch. This SDK also includes full Media API coverage and can be added to any project for a quick and easy Brightcove integration. Agora Games is a Brightcove partner that builds and supports online gaming communities.

Java Media API Wrapper

The popular Java Media API Wrapper, written and maintained by Brightcove employees, has been ported over to Open Source @ Brightcove. The move features a new version release (v3.0) and includes a Java Commons library that serves as a platform to build Java integrations on top of.

Context-Aware Related Videos

Open Source @ Brightcove released a small JavaScript plug-in that parses the page where it resides, returning videos related to the content it finds. You can use this plug-in to surface more meaningful videos to your visitors with limited effort.

Inspired by these awesome efforts? Think about contributing your work to the Open Source @ Brightcove library.