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Encourage more views with recommendation engine Taboola

It’s my pleasure to introduce Taboola to our Express customer base. Taboola is an exciting technology partner who has been integrated with the Brightcove Professional Edition and is now available to Express $499 customers. Taboola presents Brightcove Express publishers with the opportunity to drastically change the way that viewers engage and interact with your online video.

Taboola uses a state of the art behavioral matching technology that uses viewing tendencies and interests to serve up recommended videos from your Brightcove video library. Through video recommendations Taboola drives up engagement, generates increased video views and maximizes your most valuable assets. Shared Brightcove-Taboola customer The New York Times saw an increase of 250% in video recommendation CTR after implementing its video recommendation technology.

After a few quick steps Taboola integrates seamlessly with your site, placing a sleek vertical or horizontal recommended video box on your web page. For small to mid-size businesses Taboola is an invaluable tool that will increase traffic and help monetize your online video project through increased ad revenue and longer engagement.

If you’re interested in learning more about Taboola’s features and functionality, reach out to your designated Account Manager.