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CES Recap: Connected TV, Tablets, and Video Futures

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is over and done with for this year, but in case you couldn't be there yourself, we've pulled together a few links to some of the most interesting coverage of the event related to online video.

Connected TV

A TV-Internet Marriage Awaits Blessings of All Parties (New York Times)
Related Video: CES 2011: Merging the Internet and TV 
Stelter makes the observation that we're on our way to realizing the potential of internet TV, that it is still complicated given all the moving parts and stakeholders, but its promising and exciting.

Sorry, Big Cable - TV Makers are the New Gatekeepers (Giga OM)
Internet-connected TVs and devices are beginning to have more say in what content goes to what devices by introducing apps that deliver content, rather than relying on Cable providers to play that role. 

I Just Want a Dumb TV (Gizmodo)
Makes the case for "dumb" TVs and smart set-top boxes. TVs should last for a long time, and are the big investment. What you connect to them is easier to manipulate and swap out, so that's where the content delivery innovations should happen.

Tablets & Mobile Video

CES: Device Fragmentation Challenges Developers (Multichannel News)
Explains that mobile platform fragmentation is presenting an interesting challenge to developers: major operating systems for mobile devices were in a virtual dead heat, with Apple holding about 28%, RIM's BlackBerry at 26% and Google's Android at 25%. Thankfully, we've made it our mission at Brightcove to simplify some of that complexity.

Tech Fans Seek Out Tablet Videos (YouTube Trends)
After big announcements, users tend to search for tablet videos to check out platforms. 

Video Production

For Videographers, an Upmarket Memory Card (New York Times)
The 128GB capacity card will hold 48 hours of HD 1080p video, or can be filled up with a 25,000 photos. That's huge for folks using fancier DSLR cameras for digital video production.

CES Event Coverage

CES Video Powered by Brightcove Again in 2011 (Brightcove)
The Consumer Electronics Association, the organization behind CES, continues to expand its use of Brightcove throughout the CES website, showcasing video content from this year's show, as well as highlights from previous events. Brightcove-powered CES videos can be seen here.

CES: Rough Count Tallies 140,000-Plus Attendees for 2011 Show (Multichannel News)
The show registered at least a 10.5% increase in attendees over last year.

CES Diamonds in the Rough (New York Times)
The Times sought out oddities beyond the much-hyped subjects of 4G phones, 3D TV, and tablets. They found illuminating ink, a complete computing environment in a phone, and the modern realization of smell-o-vision.


Did you attend CES? What were your takeaways?