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Announcing Open Source @ Brightcove

Open Source @ BrightcoveToday I'd like to announce the launch of Open Source @ Brightcove, a community-supported initiative to host a variety of applications, SDKs and tools for the Brightcove platform in one central location. Created to help Brightcove customers and developers meet their growing needs, Open Source @ Brightcove is run by a group of Brightcove employees with the help of a wide variety of developers from customer organizations, contractors and the general open source community.

The initiative, just like the code it hosts, was born out of the desire to make working with the Brightcove platform incredibly simple. There are a multitude of tools available for use by developers and clients that up until now had no single home; they were scattered throughout the internet. These tools also had dissimilarities, various support paths and often confusing overlap. We aim to change that.

Our first goal is to try and get all of the current code under one roof (and until then we'll be linking to their separate websites); if you are the developer of an open source project for the Brightcove platform, please consider hosting your project with us. Participating in this initiative will lead to greater usage and visibility for your project, dedicated resources for your tool, and a direct line to Brightcove employees should you need assistance or advice during development.

Secondly, we plan on devoting more time to build the tools and SDKs that will make your interaction with Brightcove easier. For example, as part of our launch we're releasing a Google Analytics SWF plug-in that's ready to be dropped into a Brightcove player, or used as a starting point for a customized implementation. Many other projects are in the works, and we're still spending time upgrading our existing projects (like our PHP and JavaScript SDKs).

We also want to get the open source community more involved in developing and supporting these great tools. Anyone who wishes to join the Open Source @ Brightcove team, whether a Brightcove employee, contractor, client or curious developer, can send us an e-mail with more details on how they'd like to participate. We're looking for folks to create new tools, upgrade or patch existing ones, provide feedback on usability or roadmap ideas, and help support projects by responding to forum questions and tickets.

All of us here at Brightcove are incredibly excited about the opportunity to open many of our internal projects to the community for input, as well as the chance to utilize some of the great code and ideas available to improve the Brightcove platform for all of our customers and partners.