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High-Definition Web Video and the Advertising Industry

AdweekMedia has a great feature covering how technologies are changing communication and advertising practices. The article features insights from Madison Avenue's thought leaders who describe how "technologists are infiltrating all departments" in agencies as they integrate their once silted digital arms. "Technology impacts everything, from how marketing messages are conceived and developed to how they are distributed and measured."

The article takes a closer look at how high-quality web video has impacted the industry, with an eye towards the future of connected TV experiences: 

High-definition video on the Internet is becoming commonplace. It’s not yet Blu-ray Disc quality but, “in the last 18 months, video on the Internet has become a really good experience,” says Ogilvy’s Davis. “For such a long time, the bandwidth and playback just wasn’t there. You’re no longer thinking I’m watching this video online and it’s all pixilated.” So good, it’s enabled the existence of products like the newly released Google TV. True, the format is off to a slow start—TV broadcasters are declining to provide content while poor consumer demand has prompted Sony to cut the price of hardware a whopping 25 percent. But the ad industry still has its eye on the technology. Says Davis, “With Google TV, we’re all going to have to start thinking about what experiences we can deliver in the living room.” Davis says Brightcove is leading the pack. “They were one of the first companies to push video quality and the value of the video experience,” he says. “They continue to stay at the forefront of quality.”  

Big thanks to Rob Davis, Brightcove Solution Partner and interactive marketing director at Ogilvy for the shootout! Read more