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Customer Highlight: VISTA TV

If you happen to live in the Denver area, you may have heard of VISTA TV, which airs on Comcast Channel 19. If you don’t, no problem – their content is available online at

VISTA TV shows off Denver’s newest and most exclusive destinations in food, nightlife, art, shopping, fashion, wellness, and family living. Just about anything one can see, hear, eat, or do in Denver falls in the scope of VISTA’s programming.

As a media company, VISTA has to monetize its content to be successful, and they’ve been exceptionally creative in finding ways to do so. They use the time-tested and effective strategy of placing sponsored links and banners alongside compelling original content, but they also run creative “advertorials,” short videos sponsored by a local business seeking exposure to a relevant audience.

A few key Brightcove features have been fundamental to the success of VISTA’s monetization efforts, notes Taj Nahar, VISTA’s V.P. of Production. “Our content is advertiser driven and Brightcove makes it seamless for both us and our viewers to share our content via email and across many social media platforms,” Taj says. “In addition, our clients can easily embed their videos (which we produce) directly to their website. This has proven to be a huge selling feature for us.”

Taj also understands the power of analytics. In his own words, “Our content is advertiser driven so being able to analyze data and report on specific video engagement, the viewing audience and traffic sources legitimizes our brand and network as a viable advertising platform.”

Enough of my ramblings. Head over to and see for yourself what’s possible with compelling content and a uniquely successful monetization strategy!