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Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire Featured in the Washington Post

Brightcove CEO, Jeremy Allaire, was interviewed earlier this week by the Washington Post to get his perspective on the growing net neutrality debate and about how Internet service providers should be able to create faster lanes and charge consumers or content providers to improve the quality of service.

The Q&A article with Jeremy, published today on and also in this Sunday's print edition, hits on several important issues:

  • Jeremy strongly disagrees with the feeling that operators should not be able to discriminate and should have equal, open access at the same quality of service for all online services, as well as the sentiment that operators and ISPs should not be able to price discriminate based on how much bandwidth a subscriber consumes. He notes that the ISPs and operators are building a project and investing billions of dollars, so they should be able to package and maximize the product in a way that builds profits.
  • Jeremy also says the controversial idea of whether an ISP should be able to say to a company like Netflix, Google or Brightcove that it will be the fastest is differentiated packaging and pricing. Companies pay a premium everyday for differentiated quality of service. Jeremy's main concern is around price discrimination, which gets to video in particular "if cable TV ISPs created a pricing structure that was specific to online video competitors that specifically made it cost-prohibitive for those competitors to have the same level of profitability." 
  • Jeremy predicts there will be a critical mass within the next year where TV devices in the 10s to hundreds of millions of units will be addressable and usable with content over the Internet, so underlying pricing dynamics and competitive issues will start to surface in a very material way in the next two years.
  • When asked which company he thinks will end up on top of Internet TV, Jeremy points out that he is watching Apple most closely because the company would love to come up with a product that is half the price of cable, over the top, and on-demand and integrate it across all its devices.

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