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Zencoder joins the Heroku Add-on catalog

We care a lot about developer happiness and productivity. That manifests itself in two ways: 1) a flexible and powerful product and 2) quick and easy integration. Today, we entered the Heroku Add-on catalog as a way to help Heroku customers get up and running with video quickly and easily. Heroku is Zencoder's analog in the application hosting world. Their product is extremely powerful, yet makes application hosting and deployment dead simple. Their add-on catalog extends that ease-of-use to third party services, which is why we created an add-on for Zencoder. Using the Zencoder add-on means one-click signup, automatic account configuration, and unified billing for Heroku customers. To install the Zencoder add-on: $ heroku addons:add zencoder Then add the Zencoder gem to your Gemfile: gem 'zencoder' When you install the add-on it will automatically store your API key in the Heroku config variable called ZENCODER_API_KEY. The Zencoder gem is pre-configured to look for that config variable. You can read slightly more detailed instructions at That's it. Heroku handles billing and account management, our Ruby gem makes for easy integration, and Zencoder gives you the highest performance video transcoding available today. ** The add-on is currently in private beta, but the Zencoder service is fully production-ready. In order to use the add-on you either need to be part of the Heroku beta program or contact us directly to gain access. All we ask is that you provide feedback on the Heroku-based integration process.