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Who needs video? Everyone! Here's why.

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In the US over the last year, time spent viewing online video increased a whopping 47 percent, from 9.8 hours/month to 14.4 hours/month according to comScore data. The audience for online video continues to grow as more content becomes available and viewers make a habit of consuming more across all their devices.

So how can your company or organization take advantage of that increasing audience attention? At Brightcove we believe that video can work for any business with any message, no matter where you fall on the spectrum. Here's how:

  • Every Industry. There are so many use cases for video for every industry and company, whether you are a media company with libraries full of video content, or your company aims to market with product demonstrations, instructional videos, or customer testimonials. Web video is not just for playback of traditional broadcast content—it is becoming a natural part of any marketing or commerce experience on the web. Check out the Brightcove video solution for e-Commerce for some ideas on how retailers are using interactive video to convert browsers into shoppers. Or take a look at how Brightcove customers in every industry are using video.
  • Every Company Size. Video helps you get your message across, whether you are a huge company with internationally recognized brands, or a smaller start-up trying to make a name for yourself within a target audience. No matter how big or small your video project, Brightcove offerings scale to match your bandwidth and library size perfectly.
  • Every Budget. Video delivers ROI for your business, regardless of your investment. Whether you are interested in multi-year custom service contracts, or just need an off-the-shelf hosting and delivery solution with month-to-month contracts, Brightcove fits any budget. Our pricing fits any investment strategy: Brightcove Express is perfect for smaller sites or starter projects. 
  • Every Audience. Video continues to be one of the most engaging media to connect with audiences. Whether you are looking to reach mass markets at a global scale or want to tailor your message to smaller niche audiences, Brightcove scales to meet your audience.
  • Every Device. Online video now reaches viewers wherever they spend their time: through the browser, on mobile devices with apps or mobile browsing, and on connected TVs. Brightcove simplifies video delivery to an increasingly complex ecosystem of devices with Smart Players and Automatic Device Detection and with SDKs for rapid mobile app development. Upload to Brightcove once, and your video is ready to go anywhere!
  • Every Production Scale. Video platforms host video produced under any condition, whether you are operating a full-scale Hollywood production or you are using a basic webcam to capture footage. Brightcove ensures that your video looks its best with our Adaptive Transcoding Engine.
  • Every Skill Level. Whether you are looking for point-and-click and WYSIWYG editing or are a developer looking to build custom video experiences, anyone can use our online video platform to manage and publish their videos. Brightcove has an easy-to-use browser interface to make managing your content simple and offers APIs and SDKs to build on the Brightcove platform for more sophisticated custom solutions.

So what's stopping you? Everyone can work with video using Brightcove. Start a free 30-day trial today to see for yourself!