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Introducing the Zencoder CLI

As developers, we spend a good portion of our days on the command-line. For a long time I've wanted to have a way to interact with Zencoder on the command-line. I finally got the chance to start on it when I was at RubyConf a couple of weeks ago. So, now it's time for everyone else to enjoy this CLI goodness as well. Introducing the zencoder-cli gem. It's a Ruby gem, but even if you're not a Ruby developer you can still use the command-line interface. When I started working on the CLI interface for Zencoder I looked for other command-line tools to model it after. One of the best examples that I could find (and one that I use every day) is Heroku's gem. Luckily, their gem is open source and MIT licensed, so I was able to borrow some great bits from it. Thanks Heroku! It's a work in progress, but as of today you can view account information, manage integration mode for your account, list, show, cancel, delete, and resubmit jobs, get output progress, and install and remove plugins. There is built-in help for commands as well, so it's easy to explore its capabilities yourself. It's quick and easy to get started. Just install the gem: gem install zencoder-cli Then set it up to work with your account: zencoder setup The setup command will ask you for your Zencoder API and store it off in your home folder. Every subsequent command will use your cached credentials. Then you're ready to go. Try zencoder jobs and enjoy.