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Interning at Brightcove

My first stint as an Intern at Brightcove was “way back” in 2007. Walking into the Brightcove offices I did not know what to expect, I was a novice programmer and had never worked in a corporate environment. I had feelings of nervousness and self-imposed pressure. How would I adjust? What tasks would I need to complete? Would I be able to complete them? These were all questions I was asking myself.

With the understanding that I was an inexperienced programmer, I was given simple tasks to learn the product that I would soon be testing. Within weeks, I was assigned to a Scrum team. My teammates made the transition very easy. They stopped what they were doing to answer questions and were always helpful. Soon after joining the team I started to volunteer for tasks. Tasks that needed to be completed so a feature could be shipped. This made me feel like a vital part of the team and not a useless Intern who was given meaningless tasks to complete. I then came back for a second stint as an Intern and I was able to pick up right where I left off. The company had grown, but the attitudes of the members in the Engineering organization stayed the same, both driven and friendly. I was able to rejoin the team I was previously on and was instantly signing up for tasks to make sure we were shipping quality pieces of software. 

In all the months that I was Interning at Brightcove I always felt that I was an important part of my team. I was completing testing tasks on features that would soon be used by Brightcove’s growing customer base. I was able to drastically improve my coding skills and also offer insight into the software we were building. Not once did my teammates make me feel that my opinion did not matter. 

In April of my final semester my manager contacted me saying that she was holding a position for me on the QA team if I wanted it. If you could not tell by my previous statements this was a “no-brainer.” No way was I not taking the job. I loved working here, my colleagues were extremely nice and I was also given room to grow as an Engineer. I started full-time a week after graduation and have zero regrets. Brightcove is an awesome place to Intern and I would expect anyone to jump at the opportunity.