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Feature Highlight: Multi-bitrate Streaming

One of Brightcove’s most impressive and interesting features is Multi-bitrate streaming. As an Express Account Manager, I find that many users are aware of the multiple rendition feature without fully grasping its significance. The first important item to note is that Multi-bitrate streaming is only available for non-FLV file types; we perform no transcoding for FLV files. In today’s online video market, a prominent variable one finds is Internet connection speed. Due to the vast variety of Internet providers and different tiers of connections speeds, it is impossible to guarantee a quality connection for all who watch online video. Brightcove’s solution to this problem is using Multi-bitrate Streaming.


The Multi-bitrate Streaming feature improves your viewer’s experience by enabling the ability to deliver videos with the resolution and bit-rate that best matches the viewer’s connection speed. Brightcove creates multiple renditions of a given video, each being a different file size, granting the ability for viewers with slower connection speeds to view smaller size files. Multi-bitrate Streaming allows for viewers across the globe, all of whom may not have access to high speed Internet, to watch online video with the least amount of interruption. In the situation where someone has a fluctuating connection speed, something which happens often, Brightcove can adapt mid-stream by switching from one rendition to another seamlessly without stopping the video. The ability to switch renditions mid-stream also makes it possible to quickly switch from small screen to full screen during playback without issue.


When you upload a video, Brightcove’s Adaptive Encoding Engine can automatically create up to 6 renditions that will be chosen depending on your viewers’ connection speed. However, there is the option to include a seventh rendition. The attraction of true HD viewing experiences is one that many find irresistible; in many situations an uploader’s original source video may be in such stunning quality that it would be a shame not to have it accessible to viewers. Brightcove allows for the inclusion of the original source video, adding the source file to the already created 6 renditions. The option to include the source file can be found when you are in the upload video queue (prior to selecting start upload). When you choose video(s) to be uploaded they will be dropped into the upload queue, at the bottom of the Queue you will find an edit settings option. Under edit settings you can select, “Add H.264 source as a rendition.” If you do not want to utilize the Multi-bitrate streaming feature you can also select to only create one rendition at the top of the edit settings page.


I hope this quick rundown of Brightcove’s Multi-bitrate Streaming has helped reveal this features importance in delivering quality video to unique viewers across the globe. We’ve all been frustrated in our web browsing days by slow, low quality and choppy videos; with Multi-bitrate Streaming Brightcove aims to change that.