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Data that drives the Knowledge Base!

Data diving is fun ;)...especially when it helps drive strategic initiatives that you know are going to help customers. So we thought we would share some information about what our Customers are looking for when they visit, what they are actually reviewing on the site, and how that data impacts what we do to assist you better. These statistics are then used to help prioritize our Knowledge Backlog for new or modified content that will help drive success.

First, let's look at our search statistics to find out what folks are actually typing into the search box. Our TOP 5 search terms for Q3 were:

  • html5
  • searching-videos-media-api
  • facebook
  • media api
  • iphone

We know that HTML5 is hot right now, so we've beefed up our documentation to help assist you with solutions you might need. With the recent release of our new feature called Smart Players, we've added docs that not only provide comprehensive overviews, but also how to make sure your account is set up to use this option. We've even published a test player for you to check out how it works in your HTML5 environment.

The other hot topic in our search results was anything and everything media api. Therefore, we just completed a project that included providing more code samples and examples of media api events within our reference documents.

Check this out. Go to: and expand on 'find_all_videos'. You will see that we now provide 8 different examples of this specific method. Hopefully, this will aid folks in creating solutions quicker and more efficiently than before. Another example of this beefed up documentation is the 'create videos' method with our write api's. We now list 10 examples for folks to peruse.

So what are folks reading? Here's a quick look at the top page views of specific content folks visited on our support site:

We know folks really like our player template article, which provides a comprehensive review and reference to all things templates. This doc includes template samples, live player examples, defined dimensions and .psd layouts.

But did you know that the second most visited section was all about our Training videos? Because of this data, we are investing in creating and publishing many more video tutorials in the upcoming weeks. After all, it's what we do :).

We'll make sure our product updates page is constantly updated as it's a favorite landing spot for folks keeping track on our enhancements. And again, we will continue to enhance our media api documentation as it continues to be one of the most popular areas of interest.

This is just an example of how we are using important analytics to make sure we have your best interests in mind when we are creating new information and resources for you. And of course, outside of this quantitative data, we are always interested in getting your qualitative feedback and suggestions on what additional resources you need to be successful. Comments are more than welcomed below!