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Interning at Brightcove

Interning at Brighcove has been nothing short of a fantastic and rewarding experience for me. I started out at the end of May, working as a Best Practice intern. One week in, and I was already comfortable with the video platform and writing, producing and editing tutorials for some of Brightcove’s services. And now, at the beginning of September, I’ve not only worked on more tutorials, but I’ve also helped put together the Brightcove facebook videos and am now working on throughout the school year, to help Brightcove’s HR with any of their video editing needs.

            I’ve realized that a lot of my friends from school end up complaining about their summer jobs/internships. If they’re working a blue-collar shift they complain about the menial labor they have to do; picking up garbage and mopping floors. If they’re working white collar internships, they complain about the long and tedious hours and their endless tasks which they feel have no effect on the greater company. It might be because Brightcove is so small, or it might be the business sector it’s in, or it might just be the friendly and supportive people and executives, but even as an intern, I feel like I’ve done fun, exciting and rewarding work and have contributed to the company effectively and in ways that distinguished me as a person working for a company, and not just another temporary employee. And that’s probably a rare feeling in a good amount of internships.

Here is a video I edited with some of our past interns who are now full time employees: