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Feature of the Month: Re-encoding videos

If you've been a Brightcove customer for a while, you may have noticed the higher video quality available when you create H.264 videos using Brightcove's Adaptive Encoding Engine. But what about your older videos? You may have videos in your media library that are still active, but which are encoded at lower bitrates using FLV.

Your older videos also might not be ready for mobile delivery. Mobile video on Apple iOS devices requires H.264 encoding and also benefits from encoding at a comparatively low bitrate.

You can freshen up your older videos by re-encoding them to H.264. This lets you both deliver higher video quality and create lower bitrate renditions for mobile delivery. If you're a Brightcove Pro or Enterprise publishers, you can use FTP batch provisioning to direct Brightcove to re-encode the video files for a video. By re-encoding existing videos, instead of re-creating them, you retain all of the video's metadata and analytics data. Read more.