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Comscore Discovers Growth in European Mobile Users

Comscore just released a new report on the trends in mobile video consumption in Europe, and it's really interesting and promising.  You should download the full report here, but here are few of the highlights:

  • Video consumption on mobile devices is up 66% in the past year
  • In Spain, video consumption is up 90% year on year
  • The mobile audience size in the top five European countries is a substantial 12.2 million
  • Over two thirds of mobile video consumption happens on smart phones

These are great numbers that correlate stongly with what I have been hearing from our European customers over the past year.  I was surprised to hear from some of our large customers that mobile is growing to become a significant portion of their total audience.  Everyone I talk to is excited about the growth potential and wants their content to be there.  Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley is predicting that mobile Internet will exceed the desktop Internet in the next five years, and these Comscore numbers suggest we may be on our way there.

Starting with the launch of our App SDK for iOS last November, we've had incredible interest in all things mobile. We've responded by reving the SDK for iOS to include iPad support, adding an App SDK for Android, and rolling out Smart Player support for HTML5 video experiences.  As I noted in my post last March, it's still early days, and we're working hard to provide parity between the richness of video experiences on the desktop versus what we can provide on mobile devices. But we are chipping away at it, and it is great to see the progress.